Want to work in Hollywood films: Humaima Malik


Karachi: Well-known actress Humaima Malik, who has worked in neighboring India including Pakistan, has said that she wants to work in Hollywood after Bollywood.

Recently, Humaima Malik participated in host Tabish’s program ‘Hansana Muni Hai’, where she opened up about depression along with her career. Are you crying?’ to which the actress said ‘Yes! This used to happen before, but now I don’t cry every day. Host Tabish Hashmi asked Humaima Malik, “Do you cry once a day?” To which the actress said, “Yes!” This used to happen before but now she does not cry every day.
Humaima Malik spoke openly about her depression and said, ‘I started working at the age of 14 and now I am 34 years old, during this long period I never got a chance to know about myself. Not Found’.

He said that there were many ups and downs in my life, I had bad relations with some people, I got fame at a young age but I also went into depression.

The actress also said that ‘I am a cheerful person but I cry very quickly and due to depression I used to cry on every little thing’.

According to Humaima Malik, she also underwent treatment to get rid of depression, since which she now feels much better than before and is no longer sad all the time. But no one knows what kind of situations they are going through in their private life.

It should be noted that Humaima Malik did the film “Raja Natturlal” with Emraan Hashmi in Bollywood, while in 2012 she also worked in the film “Sher” with superstar Sanjay Dutt, but unfortunately it The film could not be completed due to Sanjay Dutt going to jail.


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