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What a emotional Scene,Two brothers who were separated during the Partition of India were reunited at Kartarpur

Lahore: While the Kartarpur Corridor has made it possible for Indian Sikhs to visit their holy place Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, it has also become a means of meeting friends and relatives over the years.

According to the sources of the Abandoned Waqf Property Board, a few days ago, two brothers, aged 74 years, met each other in Kartarpur Sahib. Muhammad Siddique, an 80-year-old resident of Chak 255 Bogra near Faisalabad, has met his brother who died in 1947 after 74 years.

According to the elder Muhammad Siddique, two days before the formation of Pakistan, his mother went with her younger brother Habib, who was only a few months old, to visit her parents in the Indian Punjab, during which the partition was announced. He had been waiting for his mother for many days but could not return. He tried hard to find his mother and younger brother but without success and now after 74 years he has found his younger brother Habib.
When the eyes of the brothers who had been waiting for years in the corridor fell on each other, they could not control their hearts and tears of helplessness were shed. The two brothers hugged and cried and lightened their emotions.

Muhammad Siddique used to say that if a person is alive, he can be found. Habib said that this corridor has proved to be a corridor for them. The emotional video of the two brothers meeting each other has been shared on social media.

The meeting of the two brothers was arranged by an NGO called Punjabi Lahar which had become a source of reunion for many family and friends before 1947. Representatives of Punjabi Lahar K said that friends in East Punjab, including social media, have been very helpful in finding Muhammad Siddique’s brother. Punjabi Lahar had shared videos of Mohammad Siddique some time ago, after which those who knew his brother in Indian Punjab contacted him and the two brothers were met through Kartarpur corridor.

Earlier, Muhammad Bashir from Narowal had also met his close friend Sardar Gopal Singh, who passed away in 1947. The two friends used to communicate only through social media a few years ago but the meeting could not take place. However, after the opening of Kartarpur corridor, the two friends decided to meet at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib and finally after 74 years, they hugged each other. At that time, Sardar Gopal Singh was 94 years old and Muhammad Bashir was 91 years old. They used to come and play together for hours.

In November 2021, two members of a family met. My uncle and nephew, who left in 1947, met on the way to Kartarpur. Uncle Humayun came from Faisalabad and nephew Muhammad Bashir from Indian village Taran.

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