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What happened in Afghanistan?

Rather than victory and defeat, the question that is being raised the most in the world is what happened in Afghanistan?How a group of 50 to one Lac people defeated a well trained Army, having modern weapons within Days?

Intellectuals, researchers, critics and Afghan experts are puzzled, but ordinary people around the world are now looking for answers to these questions. And there are different perspectives in the world.
It is a fact that the United States fought for twenty years to eliminate the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, and the forces of the United States, NATO and other countries turned to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks The world will be saved from terrorism. This series of killings in Afghanistan continued for twenty years. Everything that happened in the past happened in an instant. The Taliban became active during the US withdrawal. And as soon as they saw it, they first occupied the districts and then the big cities. The United States has trained 300,000 Afghan soldiers over a 20-year period. US President Joe Biden said in his speech that he trained Afghans, gave them money, gave them arms and ammunition and if they could not give them, they would not dare to fight. When the time came, the Afghan army disintegrated like autumn leaves.
The Taliban, who have been in hiding for 20 years, managed to capture Afghanistan in hours, not minutes. August 15 became a historic day when the Taliban took control of Kabul without any clashes or bloodshed. The Afghan president, saying that he could not see his country becoming Syria or Yemen, suddenly fled the country. There are various rumors circulating in the international media about Ashraf Ghani fleeing and taking a lot of money with him, but he has denied the allegations in a statement.

When the Taliban reached the gates of Kabul, chaos spread in the city, a large number of citizens began to struggle to get out of Kabul, Kabul airport became the center of attention as soon as they saw one tragic incident after another. Aya and so far more than 19 people have lost their lives. The Kabul airport system is maintained by US forces, from which evacuations continue and thousands have flown so far. Meanwhile, the Taliban are holding meetings with various political leaders, including former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah. At the same time, the Taliban are trying to reassure the world that they have changed. Zabihullah Mujahid, Sohail Shaheen and other Taliban spokesmen and leaders say a comprehensive government will be formed in Afghanistan in the next few weeks. For which consultation is ongoing. At the same time, Taliban leaders have announced a general amnesty that no action will be taken against anyone. However, there are reports circulating in the international media that the Taliban are searching for wanted people from door to door. The Taliban’s reaction to these news has also come to light. Zabihullah Mujahid says that such Taliban will be held accountable.

Along with all these stories, many questions are being raised all over the world. First of all, why didn’t Afghan forces fight the Taliban? Second, how did the Taliban manage to capture so quickly with 300,000 Afghan troops? Why did Ashraf Ghani flee the country like this? Will the Taliban repeat the history of twenty years ago or will they keep their promises? Are the Taliban capable of taking control of the whole of Afghanistan? At the same time, the world is wondering what role China and Russia will play in these changing circumstances.
These questions have not yet been comprehensively answered, but the role of China and Russia has become much clearer. Many countries have closed their embassies in Kabul and recalled their staff, but China and Russia, two of the world’s major powers, have announced It was said that their embassies in Kabul would not be closed. If China and Russia stick to their strategy, then the friendly countries of these countries will also stand by them which will help the Taliban to become stronger.\

Now the question arises as to why China is adopting this strategy. Is the world moving towards a new world order? There is a story in the world media that everything that is happening in Afghanistan or what has happened in recent days is happening according to the plan and in all this it is the hand of America which has been fighting in Afghanistan for twenty years. Is . If the stories circulating around the world about the United States are true, then surely the United States has tried to stop China’s new world order. In any case, the United States wants its own world order. For him, it was decided not only to withdraw suddenly from Afghanistan, but also to withdraw before the deadline for withdrawal. Since then, the situation that has arisen so far has shown that an attempt has been made to sacrifice the region for chaos, strife and war, so that the situation in the region is similar to that in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen. Let China get entangled in them and forget the world order.

But China has also adopted a strategy. He appears willing to work with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, and will be in a position to counter US strategy if China succeeds in good relations with the Taliban.There are very few people in the world who know that Afghanistan is rich in mineral reserves. Afghanistan has reserves of iron, copper, lithium, cobalt and other rare minerals. The value of these mineral resources is also increasing with the passage of time. A 2017 report by the Afghan government estimated that the country’s mineral wealth had reached تین 3 trillion, including fossil fuels. And China has a rare opportunity to build ties with the Taliban and strengthen its economy with the help of these mineral deposits.
The US has left Afghanistan and China is preparing to enter. Russia also has a soft spot for the Taliban and it is clear that China and other countries in the Russian bloc will also stand with Afghanistan. Pakistan is also on the list of those countries. Including those who are directly affected by the situation in Afghanistan. What strategy Pakistan adopts in the future will certainly be important.


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