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Why did New Zealand and England run away from tour of Pakistan?


Eighteen years later, the two biggest teams in the world of cricket were ready to clash, the stage was set. The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was ready to host, cricket fans, commentators, cricket experts, former and current cricket stars were comparing the two teams. The toss was ready for the first match of the ODI series. Cricket fans were eagerly waiting for the match when suddenly the news came that the whole scenario was blurred, hearts were broken, the fans were disappointed. The first ODI has been canceled after the corona test of two players of New Zealand came positive and the players of both the teams have been instructed to stay in their hotel rooms, but the disappointed spectators could not be satisfied with this news and then suddenly the scenario changed. Air, national and international media gave big news to the world that due to security threat at the request of the New Zealand government, the New Zealand board has abruptly terminated the tour of Pakistan and the team has been recalled. The revival of international cricket took a major hit and cricket went back to 2009. When the Sri Lankan team on a tour of Pakistan was targeted by terrorists. Of course, this was a horrible event in the history of cricket

He called for the revival of international cricket, the PSL was launched, the initial editions of which were played in the UAE, but before the board’s efforts, the PSL was relocated to the country and then offered to the world. Gone

The result also turned out to be positive, sometimes foreign players arrive in Pakistan to play PSL, while Sri Lanka, West Indies,

Teams from Zimbabwe and South Africa arrived in Pakistan and played cricket. There were no security concerns. But the sudden threat to the New Zealand government changed the whole scenario, with no explanation given by New Zealand Board Chief Executive David White for canceling the visit. “It is not possible for us to continue the tour. The team is going back,” he said. When the news of the cancellation of the visit came to light, Prime Minister Imran Khan contacted the Kiwi Prime Minister and said that there was no threat to his team in Pakistan. Pakistan has the best security agency but still do not accept the Kiwi Prime Minister. Expressing surprise at the decision, he said that in what world New Zealand is living, the New Zealand Board will now hear us in the ICC.

Chairman PCB said that ending the tour is very disappointing for cricket fans and players. Rameez Raja said that the series was ended by the New Zealand government and not by the players. We asked why you are leaving. No, such top security is not given anywhere in the world, it is not given in any match. Pakistani Foreign Minister

Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s statement has also come to light in which he said that all offers were made to the New Zealand team and it was even said that they would deliver the ground from the hotel by helicopter but still New Zealand did not accept. The New Zealand team was provided with excellent security.

Above all, the Chairman PCB has written a letter to Karta Dharta of the New Zealand Cricket Board asking for details about the threat, but New Zealand has not yet responded to the letter. Rameez Raja was very aggressive.

He has maintained his attitude and is clearly saying that now the PCB will not go behind any board.

Former and current international players have expressed frustration over the news of the cancellation of the New Zealand board’s tour. Announced his arrival in Pakistan became a top trend on social media, while South Africa’s David Miller expressed surprise at New Zealand’s decision, saying that Pakistan is the safest country for cricket. He expressed surprise but also apologized for it. Some Sri Lankan players also expressed solidarity with Pakistan while former New Zealand fast bowler Simon Dole also slammed his government and the board, said current New Zealand captain Kim William. Don’t be silent. He said it was a shame to cancel the visit. Shortly before the start of the match, the tour was canceled, Pakistan I New Zealand captain Tom Latham said that he was surprised to hear the cancellation of the tour, the players were ready for the match.

The debate was not over when the England Cricket Board also refused to visit Pakistan. England had to come to Pakistan next month to play only two T20 matches. The announcement by the England Cricket Board added fuel to the fire. Former and current international players, along with cricket fans, expressed frustration and shouted at the England board. In his article, he criticized the England board and said that the PCB supported him in difficult times but the English board was unfaithful and cheated with a good friend. England could not repay the debt owed to Pakistan, the English cricket governing body, the players had a chance to do something good this week.

He said he had the opportunity to repay the debt of the Cricketing Nation which had already faced many challenges. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The former captain of the English cricket team said that a few days ago, New Zealand also ended the tour on the basis of security threats, it was Pakistan’s high profile season.

The England Cricket Board is facing criticism from journalists and former players after England’s tour of Pakistan was postponed. Another leading British journalist, English Cricket Board (ECB) B) and said that the board’s cowardly act harmed a friend for whom we should be grateful.

According to foreign media reports, British journalist Peter Auburn said that canceling the tour of Pakistan was a cowardly decision of the ECB. have been.

He said the ECB’s cowardly act had harmed a friend for whom we should be grateful.

He said that there was no problem in traveling to Pakistan, where is the chairman of English Cricket Board missing? Why isn’t the ECB chairman defending his decision?

The British journalist also said that the ECB chairman knew that this was a wrong decision and therefore could not defend it.

Similarly, England’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner has said that the cancellation of the English cricket team’s visit to Pakistan was not the decision of the British High Commission but the decision of the English Cricket Board.

Speaking to a private TV channel, British High Commissioner Christian Turner said that the High Commission had not said that there were any security threats to the English cricket team’s visit to Pakistan. No change has been made in the British Travel Advisory for Pakistan.

He said that he did not stop the team from touring, nor did he say that there are dangers in Pakistan tour. And you and former England women players have also spoken in favor of Pakistan. Former captain of England women’s cricket team Charlotte Edwards. He said that the cancellation of the tour of England women’s team to Pakistan was disappointing.

“It is more disappointing that the workload has been used as an excuse. I sympathize with the PCB,” he said.

“The PCB did a lot for us last year, it seems we forgot,” said Charlotte Edwards. Another former women’s player, Ebony Joel Renford, said it was clear from the ECB’s statement that there was no security issue.

“Pakistan cricket helped us, now was the time to respond,” he said.

Renford said the security problem could be solved by closing roads, sealing hotels and providing guards.

The former women’s cricketer said that Pakistan helped us out of its better conditions during the Corona, there was a workload problem, so did England find out two minutes ago that the tour was taking place? While expressing disappointment over the cancellation of the tour of England, PCB chairman Rameez Raja termed the decision as futile and said that Australia was weighing something similar.

Canceling the visit of New Zealand and England to Pakistan is meaningful and raises many questions. Pakistan needs to carefully consider every option so that the right decision can be made.


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