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Why was action against PTI necessary?

As the circle around PTI is getting narrower, common people are thinking that why is one of the most popular party being eliminated and why are its leaders being forced to leave the party, people are also thinking this. They are raising the question, when will the role of the establishment in politics end? And there is nothing wrong in saying that people have the right to raise this question. Democracy is a system of government in which each other’s opinion is respected and should be The followers of the democratic system should keep their tolerance to the extreme, there is no place for intolerance in this system, anyway, this is not our topic of discussion, we are trying to know why action against PTI was necessary. The examples that are generally being given in this regard are the events of May 9th, there is no doubt that only an enemy can think of the violent events of May 9th, targeting military installations alone also raises many questions. gives birth to There are many ways to express anger. In the past, we have seen protests in our own country in which property was damaged, roads were blocked, even innocent lives were lost during the protests. also did not have the courage to target the installations of the Pakistan Army which was done on May 9. We may have reservations about the role of the establishment in politics, we can express our likes and dislikes on it, but if we say that We do not need the army or the army is not the guarantor of the country’s security, so this cannot be tolerated in any way, nor is it based on facts, weaken it by attacking the installations of the Pakistan Army and putting a crack in it and see what they do. The day will not be far when the world media will broadcast that so many Pakistanis have been targeted by pellet guns, so many Pakistanis have been targeted during the search operation, so it is important for us to be aware, in the events of May 9, any Strict action is necessary against those who are involved, which has been taken. But there are many other reasons which cannot be ignored, the biggest reason being the CPEC projects whenever there is progress on them. A series of riots and sit-ins and protests start in the country, which we Pakistanis probably do not see as deeply and seriously as China does because China is making a big investment, what is the reason that General Asim Munir visits China and important assurances are given to the Chinese leadership regarding the CPEC. As a result, China announces a plan to lay a railway line from Kashgar to Gwadar at a cost of fifty-eight billion dollars. As the Chinese Foreign Minister visits Pakistan, the next day the game of fire and blood starts in Pakistan. Similarly, the first cargo ship of crude oil from Russia will reach Pakistan in the next few days, the gas pipeline project between Iran and Pakistan is being discussed again, similarly the Road to Makkah project is going to become a reality. If this ruckus, vandalism is not a well-thought-out conspiracy, these are all the facts that indicate that action against the Khan Azam group was now inevitable, similarly history is witness when the IMF turned a blind eye to the PTI government. As it turns out, Imran Khan handed over the complete details of the CPEC project, which had been decided to be kept secret, to the IMF and thus the work on the project was stopped, the economic aorta of Pakistan was cut and handed over to America, and the result It turned out that China got angry with Pakistan. Now once again when China was assured and the government took practical steps, at the same time an atmosphere of civil war was created in the country and it took full advantage of its popularity. Go back a little, in 2013, Imran Khan staged a sit-in at D Chowk Islamabad, which he himself calls a historic sit-in, during which Parliament and PTV were attacked, dirty clothes were hung on the Supreme Court. The apparent purpose of this sit-in was to gain power, but the real conspiracy was to cancel the visit of the President of China to Pakistan, in which he was successful. The religious card has also been used well, but there is another side to it as the supporters of PTI include lawyers, intellectuals, scholars and other sections. Why don’t you know, all these people belong to those sections who are in the know who have full understanding of the situation but still they were still associated with this party.

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