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will fight alone against the returnees (Thieves), Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he is ashamed of Johwa in the Senate elections.

After receiving the vote of confidence, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in the National Assembly that he thanked his allies from the bottom of his heart, the allies always supported me, I saw a team in you, our team will continue to be strong Many members were not in good health. However, when the party is strong, it emerges from a difficult time. The nation retreats from its ideology and dies.

The Prime Minister said that our leadership should know that Pakistan was a great dream, Allama Iqbal’s dream was to make Pakistan an Islamic state, Pakistan was not made for Sharif and Zardari to become billionaires. It is good that you all are upset with the results of the Senate election. I am ashamed of this in the Senate election. The Election Commission says that it was a very good election, which shocked me even more. If there is a good election, then what is a bad election?

I have known for a month that money is being collected for the Senate election. The purpose of the secret ballot was to defeat Hafeez Sheikh, get a briefing from the Election Commission agencies, find out how much money has been spent in this election, check the assets before and after Gilani becomes the Prime Minister, our members have been called. 2 crore was offered in return for votes.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Zardari is famous all over the world with 10 percent, he is made in films, it is said that a Zardari is heavier than everyone, he pays bribes so he is heavy?

Debts are a sign of disease, the nation is morally ruined, no country can prosper with corrupt leadership. Nawaz Sharif has been fleeing the country for 30 years, Fazlur Rehman has always been the number two man. PPP and PML-N took NRO and returned to the country with both hands. Yousuf Raza Gilani did not write a letter to get the money back.

Imran Khan said that all dacoits are thinking, put pressure, this Imran Khan will give NRO, PPP and PML-N took NRO and looted the country with both hands, opposition including Nawaz Sharif, Zardari considers me black Will mail

The Prime Minister said that the cases of returnees are in the judiciary and NAB, I have no control over them, the judiciary and NAB will provide whatever help they need for punishment in these cases, my whole party will fight alone even if he leaves me I will fight till the last ball and I will fight till the last ball.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it was not because of us that the FATF was on the gray list, it was an attempt to blackmail the FATF legislation. In the era of PML-N, the only agenda of the opposition is to give them NRO. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that if the rupee falls, inflation rises. If sanctions were imposed on us, you cannot imagine what would have happened in the country. The opposition tried to hold a meeting. The prince and princess of the opposition have come. I don’t know the struggle.

The Prime Minister said that we are facing economic challenges, we have to focus on exports, I pay tribute to Asad Omar and his team for getting the country out of the difficult situation. Inflation is putting a lot of pressure on me, I will approach the people through the Ehsas program, I am about to start a hunger strike campaign. We are trying to get subsidies for the lower class. No one can stop Pakistan from making progress.

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